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OMG! so look who is finally freaking updating! SO I'm not sure if anyone looks at this anyways.. but I will update it for my own good!

So life is getting back into the normal flow of life.  The play is done and now it's back to school for the last quarter, then my senior friends are leaving me.. and I will be a senior! Flipping scared!!  I don't know what is going ot happen with my life.. Somethign good I hope!

I got a new phone! Finally I have a display screen!  I missed texted since September!  I'm so glad I have it back!

So I changed all my icons!  Most of them i get from iconator.. so it they are yours let me know and I will give you credit!  I wish i had a paid account just so I can put more icons in.. I have so many more good HP icons that I could put in there, but I didn't have room.  It makes me completely sad!

So I am now officially part of Hogwarts is Home.  Props to Emma for getting me hooked!  Now I need to get my siggie and off I go!

So if there is anything else you would like to know! Just comment and I will talk to ya!

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